Connect Class

Our goal is to empower you to walk in your God-given calling. This is a one-time class designed to help you discover purpose and connect with the vision of Desperation Church.


At Desperation Church we believe that everyone belongs. At the end of Connect Class you will have the opportunity to partner with the DC Family by signing up for a DC Connect Team that fits your passion and purpose.


At Connect Class you will learn about the vision and values of Desperation Church as well as spend time discovering your natural gifts and passions that can used on a DC Connect Team.


Through Connect Class you will learn how to connect with your passion and your calling on a DC Connect Team, as well as learn of all the opportunities available to connect with the DC Family through DC Community Groups.

Connect Class is designed to connect you with our 4 areas of vision:
Encounter God

We desire to build a service that attracts the presence of God, so that God can attract the people.

Discover Purpose

All of us were created by God to make a difference in the life of another person. God has a place for you where your unique abilities and passions can touch the lives of others. We believe that your life will never make sense until you find, develop, and fulfill that purpose within the local church, which is God’s design.

Experience Life Change

We believe real life change happens in the context of authentic relationships, which is why we are a church of small groups. In the Bible, they worshiped in the temple, but personal ministry happened “house to house.”

Change Your World

Our mission organization is called “See the Need”, and our goal is to “Be the Answer”. This is how we allow Jesus to use us in the world that He loves. We exist to glorify God and make Him known by bringing the hope and love of Jesus to others.


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